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Reporting of "Maintenance Tasks" status of SCCM primary server

Many times we need to know the status of maintenance tasks running on SCCM primary servers as part of troubleshooting. To maintain, a healthy SCCM environment the maintenance tasks are very important.

Completion Status 0 means the task finished successfully. There is a table called SQLTaskStatus which holds this data. We can also add a column to find the time a task took to run. The query for the same would be:

select *,
floor(DATEDIFF(ss,laststarttime,lastcompletiontime)/3600) as Hours,
floor(DATEDIFF(ss,laststarttime,lastcompletiontime)/60)- floor(DATEDIFF(ss,laststarttime,lastcompletiontime)/3600)*60 as Minutes,
floor(DATEDIFF(ss,laststarttime,lastcompletiontime))- floor(DATEDIFF(ss,laststarttime,lastcompletiontime)/60)*60 as TotalSeconds
from SQLTaskStatus

Output of the Query is given below:

Origin of the Query

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